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Clermont BMX Club


BMXTA ROLE: Principal contractor

  • Create track concept and produce engineered plans for construction.

  • Community consultation for design.

  • Build a brand new track that complies with BMX Australia Guidelines.

  • 4 new straights

  • 3 corners, asphalt finish.

  • Apply weather resistant track surface.

  • Concrete start hill

  • Supply and install of ProStart Starting gate.

  • Test ride and commission.



The existing track did not meet guidelines to host big events. The layout of the track did not capitalise on the parcel of land available to occupy. The existing track didn't have a great variety of jumps to suit all skill levels.



There was no existing BMX track in the town of Clermont and the council wanted to provide another sporting precinct for local youth. The facility is open daily for public use and will be taken over by a club. The track was constructed to BMX Australia guidelines so that it can host any Australian events



Abnormal wet weather -  The Clermont track was sealed before the town received record breaking rainfall. They received their heaviest rainfall in a 24hr period for the last 45years which occurred during the final stages of construction, the track showed very minimal water damage and could be ridden as per normal once it dried out. The weather resistant surface has been a game changing process that saves rework during the construction and maintenance once built for clients.


The Clermont track serves as a great track for riders to begin riding BMX or for the community to be involved and enjoy. The track has a progression of difficulty to suit many skill levels and has continually had local riders using the facility since the opening.

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