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Whether it is a pump track at the local park that has been built to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for the community, a BMX Track for a new club in remote Australia or a training facility for the elite, every track has a purpose and are unique in design.  No two tracks are the same!

Our trade backgrounds gives us the skills to not only complete the track design but offer a complete turnkey solution for our clients.
Complete BMX Facilities – complete new facilities which caters for all levels of skills and rider ability
Pump Tracks – basic backyard designs, community facilities right through to a competition specific track.
Minor and Major Track Changes – work with existing track layouts to make minor or major track changes to enhance rider enjoyment.
Concept designs – provision of concept designs to allow project funding to be obtained
Start hill design and engineering – structural steel, tilt slab or bare earth
Storm water drainage
Amenity buildings – canteens, club houses, toilet blocks, shade structures and shower facility’s

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Our team members share the same passion for operating machinery as they do riding their bikes, ensuring that everything we build provides a safe and enjoyable riding experience.  This combined with our industry experience ensures that every task we take on is executed in a professional manner and is completed on time and on budget.  

> Minor track changes         > Complete track rebuilds          > Greenfield projects         > Remote locations



Our trade backgrounds, also allows us to be able to deliver turnkey solutions as we
are able to complete the following in house:


> Storm water drainage     > Start hill construction     > Gate Installations      > Asphalting     > Concreting    
> Buildings     > Fencing

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Having our local tracks in areas that measure rainfall in 1000’s of millimetres per year, this often meant that we were unable to ride tracks for up to 6 months at a time due to repairs needing to be completed by club volunteers, which was often a small group who didn’t have access to heavy machinery.  

Durable – requires minimal maintenance and significantly increases riding time.
Smooth to Ride on – the track always feels like it is in an optimum state, because it is.
Safe – falling off is part of the sport, but no one likes sustaining severe burns and injuries from a crash on a surface that doesn’t allow you to slide.