Harbour City BMX Club (Gladstone)


BMXTA ROLE: Principal contractor

  • Demolish track, cut and fill track tread path to set heights. 

    • Including cutting over 2500m3 of fill.

  • New track location set 40m away from old track.

  • Install all new storm water drainage required.

  • Fill and compact start hill.

  • Form and concrete start hill to UCI Compliance.

  • Supply and install sun safe cover over starting area.

  • Consider existing concept and make changes to improve.

  • Build new track to meet UCI Guidelines.

    • 5 new straights including a pro straight.

    • 3 new corners.

  • Installation of weather resistant surface to minimise weather damage to full track and corners.

  • Test ride track and commission.

  • Supply and installation of new amenities block.



The existing track did not meet guidelines to host big events. The layout of the track did not capitalise on the parcel of land available to occupy. The existing track didn't have a great variety of jumps to suit all skill levels.



Before starting the project the BMX club had the goal of securing the BMX Queensland state championships, they also wanted to increase member numbers within the club and have more attendance at all events/ training throughout the year to increase rider retention and enjoyment.



During construction there was multiple wet weather delays due to the wet season, this was an uncontrollable factor. Minimising down time become a priority because of the frequency of the rain and this was overcome by implementing new work methods that ensure work could continue and the project could remain on budget. Furthermore, as soon as a straight or particular area of the track was finished and ready to ride, the weather resistant surface was applied. This saved rework in surfacing as the track was protected.


Since the opening of the facility the club has held many events. During the opening event there was substantial rainfall which would normally lead to an event being cancelled. As a result of applying the weather resistant surface and sufficient planning around storm water drainage, the track was still able to be raced and the club received great feedback. The track rode just as fast in the wet as the dry.

The club will continue to apply for events moving forward and will be a strong contender to win any due to the facilities.